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Unparalleled Motif Yo-Yo - Daniel Kim Signature YoYo

$ 119.99 
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The UNPRLD Motif is the signature yoyo of Daniel Kim.
Using the extremely popular UNPRLDxART Sucction as a base, UNPRLD spent 2+ years redesigning and prototyping numerous versions to arrive at Daniel’s ideal yoyo.

The result is an all-around floaty, stable, and fun yoyo capable of handling any trick that you can do or have yet to make.

The name “Motif” is inspired by the significance of music in Daniel’s life. Just as a motif is a short, recurring musical phrase of special importance, the Motif is the ultimate iteration of a recurring shape in the UNPRLD lineup.

Weight: 63.25g/2.23oz
Width: 43.6mm/1.712 in
Diameter: 55mm/2.17in
Body Material: 7075 Aluminum
Rim Material: 6061 Aluminum