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Unparalleled Notion Yo-Yo -Colin Beckford Signature Hybrid YoYo

$ 80.00 

The UNPRLD Notion is the signature yoyo of Colin Beckford.

After 3 years of prototyping, here is their first hybrid model, based on the Recognition. This yoyo features removable caps, to customize the feeling of the yoyo. The yoyo is designed for 1a play without the caps, and for 3a and 5a play with the caps.

Cups are easily removed with a suction cup.

Weight without caps: 65.9g/2.32oz
Weight with caps: 69.39g/2.45oz
Width: 45.4mm/1.79in
Diameter: 56.1mm/2.21in
Body Material: POM
Hub Material: Aluminum
Rim Material: 304 Stainless Steel