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Unparalleled ReCognition Yo-Yo - 7075 Aluminum - Colin Beckford Signature YoYo by UNPRLD

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Making Colin's second yo-yo was a challenge. The Cognition yo-yo was heavy, and very stable, and yet was nimble. However, Colin started playing 1a more, and approached yo-yo differently. Although the yo-yo was still nimble, the extra weight caused fatigue during practice. To address this, we made the recognition.

We first removed the stainless steel ring, and made the yo-yo lighter. it was important for him to make the yo-yo durable, so we retained the 7075 aluminum. in addition, we flattened the hub, and shifted the weight towards the rim. a round rim profile, combined with a multi-step h shape creates a nifty, light, yet powerful yo-yo that is not only capable of doing technical tricks, but also speed tricks.

After a quick hibernation through summer, both Colin & the ReCognition are back!

Two colorways are special editions for team members Patrick Canny and In Hyeok Choi. Patrick's edition is a green fade featuring a shamrock engraving, and In Hyeok's engraving is purple featuring his own personal artwork.

Width: 45.8mm/1.80in
Diameter: 55mm/2.17in
Material: 7075 Aluminum