Unthinkable Return Tops '' Circle 2.0 '' Yo-Yo - 3D Printed Fixed Axle Hexagon YoYo

Color: Copper
Sale price$ 24

After making his first 3D printed yoyo, "Circle" (a square yoyo), Sam Fiely was unsatisfied with the yoyo he created. Sam knew he could do even better, so he decided to make another. He took a look at the original "Circle" and noted every single thing that could be improved about it. He also factored in the feedback that was given to him by the kind people who purchased an original "Circle". After thinking up a concept, he designed "Circle 2.0" and started printing. The most noticeable differences are the increased weight, the six sided shape, curved edges, a slightly wider gap, increased print quality, and most importantly - a more playable yoyo. Whether you're purchasing this yoyo to perform tricks, to add to your collection, or anything in between, you will be happy with "Circle 2.0".

Weight: 51g/1.80
Diameter: 51mm/2in
Width: 28mm/1.10in
Material: PLA Plastic

**DISCLAIMER: These yoyos have slight imperfections since they are 3D printed. With this being said, all yoyos have been thoroughly tested and are considered A-Grades. These yoyos also have six sides, so be careful when they are spinning at high speeds. Bringing the yoyo back to your hand if it's spinning too fast can lead to pain and injury. Sam is not responsible for any injuries or damage caused by "Circle 2.0". Know your yoyo limits and stay safe.

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