Unthinkable Return Tops "YO" Multi Yo-Yo Tool - 3D Printed YoYo Players 3 Function Multitool

Color: Glow in the Dark
Sale price$ 8

The “YO” multitool is the second release from Unthinkable Return Tops. The “YO” multitool was entirely designed, 3D printed, hand-processed, and hand-tested by Sam Fiely. The “YO” multitool serves three purposes. It is a knot picker, a string holder, and a phone stand. The knot picker is perfect for hard to pick knots in the yoyo. By using a knot picker, it allows a yoyo player to pick knots without having to worry about the vibe that sometimes occurs from unscrewing a yoyo, and it reduces the chance of the yoyo stripping. The string holder can be used in a variety of ways. It can be used to separate and hold a yoyo player’s premium boutique yoyo strings or separate and hold strings from a large pack of one hundred strings. Another use for the string holder is it prevents strings from tangling while in your yoyo case, backpack, pocket, etc. The phone holder can be used for filming tricks if your phone is placed horizontally and depending on the size of your phone, it can be used to hold the phone vertically to film tricks. This multitool can also be used to hold your phone when watching videos such as trick tutorials. Since these multitools are 3D-printed, they have very minor imperfections that do not affect the functionality of the multitool. All models have been thoroughly tested and are considered A-Grades.

Orange and Purple change color with heat.

Material: PLA Filament
Length: 5.25 in
Width: 1.50 in
Height: 0.19 in

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