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Vintage Hyper Hypercluster Machphoenix Yo-Yo - Bandai 2011

$ 18.00 
SKU: VF24-24

Hyper Yo-Yo by Bandai 2011 - Hyper Cluster Machphoenix

Ver cool graphics. I don't know if this was ever released in the US, but Hyper Yo-Yo was huge in Asia around this time. It has a button the side that I think was supposed to change it from auto return to non-auto return. Or maybe from Responsive to non-responsive. In either event, it clicked around a bit when I played it, but I didn't notice any changes in the play. I might have been doing it wrong.

Perhaps one of the best names for a yo-yo of all time. Hypercluster Machphoenix. It looks cool, it's in really good shape, and you don't see many of these around.

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