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Vintage wooden yo-yo - Hand painted for Ann Probably 1950s

$ 15.00 
SKU: VF24-16

Truly one of a kind. Someone hand painted these three flowers with a surprising amount of detail. The other side says "Ann" is nice calligraphy.

No doubt there is a story behind this yo-yo. It was clearly painted with love and patience. Did Ann like it? Did she hate it? Did she even want a hand painted yo-yo? Had she always dreamed of a hand painted yo-yo? Why Daisies? Did the artist love daisies? Did she or he not know how to paint petunias? This little yo-yo leaves us wondering. we can only hope it brought some joy to Ann once upon a time.

It is in pretty good shape. No markings as to the manufacturer of the Yo-Yo. It is a small yo-yo, solid wood. I think it was made in the 50s given the colors, type of wood and shape. But who knows. Ann probably knows.