Vosun Leopard EX Yo-Yo 2019 Lighter Version - Bimetal YoYo

Color: Black with Black Ring
Sale price$ 70
A full sized bimetal with a light playfeel!

This update version of the Leopard is the signature design of Canadian Yoyo Champion – Terrance Wang

The stainless rim has been widened into a yawning curve that increases the effective catch zone of the new Leopard. The design gives great power and preserves a light feeling, giving you an lovely bimetal for a great price. The Leopard EX is a great update to Vosun's lineup, and follows the current trends of yo-yo design for a fresh 2019 feel.

Weight: 64.2g
Diameter: 55.91mm
Width : 44.02mm
Shape: H-Profile
Body Material: 6061 Aluminum Alloy
Rim: Stainless Steel
Bearing Type: Curved Bearing
Bearing Size: Size C (Large)
Response: Slim (OD 19mm)
Axle: M4 x 10mm

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