VOSUN Stary 1S Plus Aluminum Yo-Yo

Color: Green and Silver
Sale price$ 24.99
VOSUN Stary 1S Plus Aluminum Yo-Yo
This is the new and improved model of the 1S STARY first release. Vosun's first release model, the 1S STARY has been improved and reannounced as the Plus 1 model. Compared to the 1S STARY, the Plus 1 has a more step-round body shape, with a gentle sloping profile that fits well into anyone's hand. The performance of this yo-yo is outstanding for this price point.
Weight(g): 67.0
Width(mm) 40.5
Diameter (mm) 52
Gap Width (mm) 4.2
Bearing Size .25 x .50 x .18 in
Gap Type Fixed
Response System Silicone pads

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