Vosun Uncia Bi-Metal Yo-Yo - Responsive YoYo - Includes Non-Responsive Bearing

Color: Black
Sale price$ 59.99
Some Yo-Yos just have the cool factor going through and through. Vosun's Uncia has it all. A sleek bimetal yo-yo with a bead blasted finish and shiny steel edges. This yo-yo looks just as flashy in play as it does on the shelf.

Great performance yo-yo that brings the cool. If you like bimetal yo-yos, this is a must have.

Plays responsive, but comes with an unresponsive bearing.

Weight: 65.5g
Width: 44mm
Diameter: 55.2mm
Bearing: Center Trac Bearing
Body Material: Aluminum 6061
Ring Material: SUS ring

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