Wallaby Boomerang Three Wing Birch, Hand Crafted, Digitally Printed and Signed, Great for Beginners

Color: Ozzie
Sale price$ 16.99

This is one of the easiest boomerangs you will ever throw, suitable for the entire family. Very light, small distance, so easy to use to learn the basic of boomerang throwing.If you are completely new to the sport of boomerangs, this would be the perfect starter boomerang for you. You just need a small football or soccer field.

Available for right-handed throwers. (left-handed throwers, see the ambidextrous collection)

Suitable for the entire family from 9 years old.
Handcrafted with the best Aircraft plywood in the world that can be use in the water, this plywood float.
Distance maximum of the flight, 45 to 60 feet.
Wingspan, 9 1/4 inch
To be thrown in light wind only.
Printed on the wood and signed by Stephane Marguerite.
Throwing instructions included (available in English, French, Spanish and Japanese)

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