YoYo Palace Ethereal Yo-Yo - Round Body Shape - Organically Combined Bi-Metal YoYo

Color: Navy
Sale price$ 99.99

Official Description from YoYo Palace:

Ethereal is born to express the feeling descirbed like its name.

Single-metal or bi-metal? It has been a controversial topic in the world yo-yo community over years. Ethereal seems to blur such a difference. The stainless steel ring starts from the inside of the Ethereal and extends to the outside. At the edge of the Ethereal, the ring combines with the yo-yo body and they create a unique and spiritual shape. Is it an outer-ring yo-yo or an inner-ring yo-yo? It's fuzzy. At the same time, the extremely round yo-yo body and weight distribution design buffer the split feeling of the two metals of different densities, so that they can combine organically, and finally transmit the ultimate ethereal feeling to your hand. Is it single-metal or bi-metal? It doesn't matter now. It was born to prove that technology doesn't mean only cold. YYP can also use it to create the extreme art. Ethereal is definitely an irreplaceable feeling experience in a player's life. It will deepen the quality, style and taste of a guy's yo-yo life.

Weight: 65g
Width: 45mm
Diameter: 55mm
Gap: 31mm
Bearing: Size C
Response: Slim 19mm
Axle: 4x8mm
Body Material: 7075 ALuminum
Rim Material: Stainless Steel

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