YoYo Palace Sphere Yo-Yo - POM YoYo - Pure White or Hand Painted Editions

Style: John Higby Edition-Hand Painted
Sale price$ 89.99

Official Description from YoYo Palace:

Pure White- The Sphere traces back to the classics, it captures the original spirit of yoyo. Yiwen Li and Jiale Tong founded Sphere in 2018, although Sphere was actually born the moment they picked up a yoyo for the very first time.

Titifreak--Hamilton Yokota, the well known yo-yo artist from the classical era. As the first collaborator of Sphere Art series, he expressed his art with pure hand-painted with the pure white Sphere as the carrier. Between black ink and white ink, titi by his free and easy art form convey accurately the pure soul of Sphere.

John Higby --John Higby, is the second collaborator of Sphere Art series. As a yoyo player and artist he expressed his classic art elements through this Sphere Art series. Each cap is hand painted making each one an original piece of art.

Hand painted editions are chosen at random

All yoyos Sold individually

Weight: 66g/2.33oz
Width: 43mm
Diameter: 56mm
Gap: 32mm
Bearing: Size C
Response: Slim 19mm
Axle: 4x16mm
Body Material: POM

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