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yoyo Zeekio Flare Ultra - Delrin and Aluminum Yo-Yo

yoyo Zeekio Flare Ultra - Delrin and Aluminum Yo-Yo

$ 39.99

yoyo Zeekio brought you the highest performing Delrin yo-yo in the form of the Flare. Then yoyo Zeekio decided to push the design a little further with the Flare Ultra. It is a machined delrin yo-yo with aluminum enhancements that makes it an incredibly stable smooth playing performance yo-yo.

Just like the original Flare the Flare Ultra has two aluminum sight rings located midpoint on the inner hubs to give players a focal point for landing those fast string tricks. The Flare Ultra features embedded solid aluminum weight rings that create increased rim weight to make the it steady and long spinning. The machined plastic and high quality workmanship makes for steady smooth play and minimal vibe.

The aluminum rings give the Flare Ultra a sharp look with an opaque plastic matte finish and high gloss aluminum lines. yoyoZeekio pulled out all the stops when it came to color combinations with an amazing 13 color combinations to suit your personal style.

With all these features, the yoyo Zeekio Flare Ultra is everything you want in a well designed and perfectly balanced yo-yo. Oh yeah, in case you didn’t know machined Delrin is great for ultra smooth grinds too!


Material:       Delrin with Aluminum Rings

Weight:         64 g

Diameter:      56 mm

Width:           44 mm

Gap:             5 mm

Bearing:        Size C - Stainless Steel

Response:    Silicone Pads

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