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yoyo Zeekio Lunar Wind  Precision Machined Aluminum Yo-Yo

yoyo Zeekio Lunar Wind Precision Machined Aluminum Yo-Yo

$ 65.99

yoyo Zeekio’s LunarWind is like no other yo-yo we've ever made. It is designed by yoyo Zeekio team members Sean Collins and Ume. The LunarWind is a high grade machined aluminum yo-yo with a unique blend of curves and edges.

The LunarWind combines the stability of an "H" shape and the speed of a "V" shape. This yo-yo can do it all. The perfect rim weight gives the LunarWind amazing stability even at slow speeds. The overall balance makes it a top performer at high speeds. The undercut spikes makes the LunarWind perfect for matador and other finger tricks while adding a sharp look to this amazing throw.

The LunarWind has a bead blasted finish making it the perfect blend of performance and beauty. We couldn't be prouder of this yo-yo. To truly appreciate the design excellence of this yo-yo you have to throw it.


Material:       Aluminum

Weight:         66 g

Diameter:      55.75 mm

Width:           41 mm

Gap:             4.75 mm

Bearing:        Size C

Response:    Silicone

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