yoyo Zeekio Saturn H Offstring Yo-Yo

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Color: Black
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The Saturn H off-string yo-yo is the second in the Yo-Yo Zeekio Saturn Series. Building on the success of the Saturn V, the H provides the same smooth play and stable spin, but in the popular H shape.

The Saturn H off-string Yo-Yo is quite simply one of the finest off-string yo-yos on the market. With an elegant form and chiseled profile, this yo-yo has been developed with input from some of the top off string players, Made from high grade machined delrin the Saturn H it durable, lightweight and aerodynamic. Another great off-string yo-yo from Yo-Yo Zeekio, Available in 4 colors.


Weight: 83.4g

String Gap: 2.8mm

Diameter: 85mm

Width: 63mm Bearing: Size C

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