yoyo Zeekio Volt - Bi-Metal High Performance Yo-Yo

Color: Red
Sale price$ 64.99
Looks amazing, plays smooth as silk. Aluminum with stainless steel ring. Adds just the right amount of rim weight and the unique look makes this yo-yo shine. Yo-Yo Zeekio's first venture into the world of bi-metal yo-yo's is a huge success. Just one look and you know the Volt is something special. Play it, and there is no doubt. The Volt brings a level of energy and smoothness to your yo-yo play that will leave you smiling. The high grade aluminum body gives the strength, lightness and smooth spins you expect from a first rate aluminum throw. Volt adds stainless steel outer rings to hive a rim weight that adds to the stability while providing the power to take spin times and momentum needed to take its performance to the next level. Ask anyone who's thrown it and they will agree, Volt is the new standard for bi-metal yo-yo play. Available in a wide range of rich colors with silver stainless rings to make the Volt a beautiful yo-yo that flashes like a non other when thrown. You will love this yo-yo. Diameter 56.4mm Width 44mm Weight 67.5g Gap 4.76 Flat Type C Bearing

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