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YoYoFactory Confusion Yo-Yo - 6061 Aluminum- Plays Responsive or Unresponsive by Switching the Pads!

$ 34.99 
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This yoyo may be the best at what it does. Set up tall pads with a touch of lube you have an amazing responsive player. Put the short white pads (included) and clean the installed CT bearing in and it's a pocket-friendly unresponsive weapon.

About 20 years ago yoyos were designed to do everything. a couple of loops, string tricks, reach for the moon, come back with a tug. Most importantly they needed to fit in your pocket. YoYoFactory reached way back to some of their pre-YoYofactory design influences to make this classic. Small 5x10x4mm bearing with small bearing response pads. Switch to the less responsive pads included for unresponsive play or live it up and play responsive.

**The Confusion is back, however, yoyofactory Lazered with the wrong logo 😂🤣 . It may say GT but don't be confused.**

Weight: 56g
Width: 35mm
Diameter: 56mm
Width: 35mm
Gap: 2.8mm
Material: 6061 Aluminum

The yo-yo fits the SMALL CT bearing.