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YoYoFactory Edge 2022 Yo-Yo - Bi-Metal - Evan Nagao Signature YoYo

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EDGE (2022)
Designing with Evan Nagao is a fluid process. Rarely a month goes by without samples or cad designs getting worked on by one side or the other. Evan was off exploring a new design direction (that didn't quite work out) while YoYoFactory started working on a reimagined original Edge. As fans of the whole Edge line and under the influence of Ultimatum and Infinity as the two latest releases they found a real winner. It captures a feeling but turns the volume up with less aluminum and way more steel than the original edge. This yoyo will find a place both on stage (one day) and hitting big tricks in clip videos. At 65gm the player will find themselves in control with the rims driving through combo after combo.

These are a couple of Evans favorite colorways as well as a player edition by new YoYoFactory team recruit Aldrin Brylle Marapao of the Philippines.

Weight: 65g/2.29oz