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YoYoFactory Edgeless Fingerspin Yo-Yo - Finger Spin Caps - Signature Model YoYo for World Champion Evan Nagao

$ 59.99 
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Edgeless was always a lot of fun. With the PC caps more weight was put into the rim and now plays like the beast it is!

This is a signature model of the 2018 1A world champion, Evan Nagao. Edgeless has an ANTI modern competition yo-yo feel to it while still delivering amazing performance. Its 'touch appeal' is massive, you don't want to put it down

Weight: 65.8g/2.32oz
Width: 45.13mm/1.78in
Diameter: 55.97mm/2.20in
Cap Material: Polycarbonate
Body Material: 6061 Aluminum