YoYoFactory Edgeless Yo-Yo - Signature Model YoYo for World Champion Evan Nagao

Color: Red
Sale price$ 59.99

YoYoFactory - Edgeless
A totally new direction for the Edge Series, this one is Edge...less.

This is the new signature model of the 2018 1A world champion, Evan Nagao.

Edgeless has an ANTI modern competition yo-yo feel to it while still delivering amazing performance. Its 'touch appeal' is massive, you don't want to put it down. Its hollow construction builds on the SHERPA yo-yo of 2016 but delivering more modern 2019 performance. A looker, player and keeper.

Signature: Evan Nagao
Weight (g): 65.1
Diameter (mm): 56.10
Width (mm): 44.92
Material: 6061 Aluminum

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