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YoYoFactory KIM 23 Yo-Yo - Miri & Mir Kim Signature YoYo

$ 59.99 

KIM 23 was created for World Champions Mir and Miri Kim are brother and sister from Korea. The KIM 23, the follow up to the Miracle, is a 6061 alloy with polycarbonate rims. It maintains the feel of the Miracle without the big spend. The KIM 23 is slightly smaller in the width but maintains other dimensions of the the Miracle. The Polycarbonate rim adds protection to your hands or any dings.

Weight: 65.83g/2.32oz
Width: 47.8mm/1.88in
Diameter: 55.4mm/2.18in
Body Material: 6061 Aluminum
Rim Material: Polycarbonate