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YoYoFactory Sky Dancer Yo-Yo - Off String YoYo Designed by Pisco Ouyang

$ 34.99 
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SKY DANCER, a YoYoFactory / G-Mix design by Pisco Ouyang

from YoYoFactory:
In 2020 we set out to identify Wing Commanders for our 'FLIGHT CLUB' Talented off string players who supported our desire to spread the 4A competitive style and off string yo-yo play. We found talent far and wide and we found so much more. In China we connected with Pisco Ouyang. Pisco is a competitor, innovator, designer and 4a master. He had been producing his own yo-yos under the G-MIX label. We have been Pisco fans for a while and when he approached us with the idea of putting one of his designs in a broader market we LOVED the idea. We have worked on a LOT of off string design and straight away this had MAGIC!

Weight 74.6g/2.63oz
Gap: 2.1mm/0 .085in
Diameter :77mm/3.03in
Width: 59mm/2.32in
Bearing Large CenterTrac(R)