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YoYoFactory Superstar 2024 Yo-Yo - Polycarbonate Fingerspin YoYo

$ 69.99 

As part of our 25th Anniversary YoYoFactory joined forces with their friend and World Champion Kentaro Kimurra to reimagine the Superstar design which he both inspired and used to win the World Yoyo Contest. He has created his new vision for the design (coming out under his Turning Point brand later this year) and we have created ours. The Superstar 2024 adds a string response bump directly influenced by Kentaro. The profile takes the once uniquely Superstar step to the next level with a new bump influenced by the Rtype. It is all new, unique but distinctly YoYoFactory in form. The mini polycarbonate fingerspin cup sacrifices little to enhanced fingerspin performance in a way the original did with a hubstack post.

The balance between fingerspin and outright performance makes the new Superstar probably the best balanced choice for any flashy yo-yo player looking to carry a yo-yo for the day. Ahead of the game again. SUPERSTAR!

Weight: 66.4g/2.34oz
Width: 45.3mm/1.78in
Diameter: 57.5mm/2.26in
Material: 6061 Aluminum