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YoYoFactory Wide Angle Shutter Yo-Yo Blasted Aluminum Finish

$ 59.99 

Ever since the Shutter was launched in 2013 there have been small changes made to keep it both at the forefront of modern performance and in tune with the needs of current USA champion Gentry Stein. This year Gentry's Freestyle was a bit bigger and a bit bolder. Is this the future? Maybe. It's probably the biggest departure from the original so we have decided to offer it as a stand alone edition. This is not the NEW SHUTTER, it's just a bit different.
Weight (g): 64.4
Diameter (mm): 55.98
Width (mm): 48.21
Gap (mm): 4.55
Bearing: Size C - CBC Center Trac
Response: CBC 19mm Slim Pads