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yoyofriends AoE-Area of Effect Yo-Yo - Responsive & Unresponsive - Injection Molded Plastic YoYo

$ 17.99 

AoE is the first ever yoyofriends injection mold plastic yoyo, AoE (Area of Effect). It is a low budget, high performing yoyo for everyone. It is beginner friendly with the included short axle and slim bearing for responsive play. Advance and pro friendly with Incredible power and stability for learning combos or discovering new ones.

Responsive Weight: 66g/2.33oz
Unresponsive Weight: 67mm/2.36oz
Responsive Width:46.85mm/1.84in
Unresponsive Width: 48.43mm/1.91in
Diameter: 58mm/2.28in
Responsive Gap: 2.88mm/0.11in
Unresponsive Gap: 4.46mm/0.17in