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yoyofriends Cloudstrike Yo-Yo - Magnesium YoYo

$ 319.99 
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Cloudstrike is the first magnesium yoyo from yoyofriends. Their newest offering on the journey to master all kinds of material on both manufacture and design. Magnesium's density is between plastic and aluminum, thus giving the yoyo a unique weight distribution and experience. Cloudstrike is built to perform, with a large diameter and width while still feeling floaty and easy to play due to the properties of the magnesium.

It is named the yoyo cloudstrike because the yoyo feels like a cloud due to its size and somewhat floaty nature, but once pushed the power and performance unleashes, striking down any tricks with ease.

Weight: 65.6g/2.31oz
Width: 48mm/1.89in
Diameter: 57mm/2.24in
Gap: 4.52mm/0.18in
Material: Magnesium