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yoyofriends Hummingbird Yo Yo - 7068 Aluminium with Stainless Steel rims

$ 160.00 

yoyofriends Hummingbird Yo Yo

yoyofriends created a light full sized competition yoyo. The Hummingbird is a bimetal yoyo with 7068 Aluminum alloy body and stainless steel rings. At full size you wouldn't expect to see a bimetal yo-yo weigh in under 62 grams, but that's exactly what the Hummingbird is. It is super light, fast, and nimble just like the bird.

Diameter - 56mm
Width - 42.90mm
Gap - 4.46mm
Material - 7068 Aluminium with Stainless Steel rims
Weight - 62g
Response - 19mm Slim Pads
Bearing - Centering Size C

*Please Note Cool Grey is without Markings*