yoyofriends Magpie Yo-Yo - 7068 Aluminum YoYo -

Color: Red
Sale price$ 65
yoyofriends Magpie Yo-Yo - 7068 Aluminum YoYo

The Magpie monometal yoyo that fits perfectly to the most current yoyo trickset and meta. The design is based on maneuverability and catchability. The yoyo is really wide and have a huge catchzone and gap width to make landing any sort of high tech and slack tricks easy. To combat the width we made the diameter under the midsize to keep the yoyo nimble and fast. Utilizing 7068 metal on this one to optimized weight distribution not just for pure performance and spin time, but also feel, floatiness and fun. Magpie is one of the smartest animal on the planet, they can recognize themselves in a mirror.

Featuring a widish body, smooth lines, super-strong 7068 aluminium, and a weight that feels just right, the Magpie is a super-durable, powerful and dead-smooth throw!

Magpie Specs

Material: Aluminum 7068

Diameter: 54.52mm


Width: 46.43mm

Gap Width:4.78mm

Axles: M4*8mm

Bearing: Center Track bearings

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