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yoyofriends Peregrine Yo-Yo - Aluminum with Stainless Steel Rings - Bi-Metal YoYo

$ 140.00 

Peregrine is an all-out competition yoyo based on the input of every yoyofriends players. Every design queue is clean, simple and with one goal in mind, Maximizing performance for competition. Peregrine has a wide catch zone for ease of sting hit, wrapped around stainless steel outer rings and 7068 for extreme weight distribution, and lightweight for speed and acceleration. Peregrine is the pinnacle of competition yoyo that gives full confidence to the player at all times. yoyofriends chose the name Peregrine because it is one of the highest performing Avian with insane diving speed and agility, which perfectly represents the yoyo.

Diameter: 55.34mm
Weight: 63g
Width: 46mm
Gap: 4.42mm
Response: 19mm Slim
Bearing: Center Track
Axle: 4x8mm
Material" 7068 Aluminum with Stainless Steel Rings