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Yoyorecreation 5ive Yo-Yo - Responsive YoYo

$ 13.99 

From Yoyorecreation:

5IVE is a yo-yo that designs the way you play yo-yo.
"5ive" is designed with the concept that all yo-yo players can tackle the same tricks from the same perspective.
Spinning, performing tricks, and catching are all fun with the "5IVE".
It is a revolutionary yo-yo that allows everyone to experience the original joy of yo-yoing.

*This yo-yo is designed to be returning.
*There may be some minor scratches on the product, but they are not defective due to the nature of this yo-yo. We appreciate your understanding.

Weight: 54g/190oz
Width: 20mm/0.78in
Diameter: 57mm/2.24in
Bearing: Size: A (5.0x10.0x4.0mm)