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Yoyorecreation AUT(OS)COPY Yo-Yo - Hajime Miura Signature Off-String YoYo

$ 102.99 
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This is the signature yo-yo of Hajime Miura, who has won six consecutive world championships, and in 2018, won two categories simultaneously.

Inspired by his unparalleled career in the history of yo-yos, in which he controlled two yo-yos in the two categories in which he won, Yoyorecreation took on the challenge of simultaneously developing a bimetal and off-string yo-yo of the same shape. This is the Off-String version

The result is a yo-yo that can compete in competitions with one or two of each.

The size is a bit smaller than the other models in yoyorecreation's OS lineup, but the stability is not compromised. While it can be used for various tricks and regeneration, it also provides a good amount of weight and stability for the SOLOHAM style where you are handling two yo-yos at the same time.

Weight: 75.5g/2.66oz
Width: 61.5mm/2.42in
Diameter: 72mm/2.83in
Bearing: Size D
Pad: Size D
Material: Delrin