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Yoyorecreation Inevitable Yo-Yo - Bi-Metal 7075 - Arata Imai Signature YoYo

$ 186.99 

Arata Imai signature yo-yo! Arata Imai has a competitive career dating back to 2012, and it was only INEVITABLE that Yoyorecreation would create a competitive powerhouse signature based on Arata's needs! Featuring powerful stainless rims and a fast playing flared v shape design for serious speed and control to power through long and intricate tech combos! The Inevitable is a great addition to the high lineup of bimetal yo-yos from Yoyorecreation!

Weight: 65.5g/2.31oz
Width: 43mm/1.69in
Diameter: 56mm/2.2in
Bearing: DS Bearing
Body Material: 7075 Aluminum
Rim Material: Stainless Steel