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Yoyorecreation STAAATER Yo-Yo - Mono-Metal Yo-Yo

$ 64.99 

Yoyorecreation STAAATER Yo-Yo - Mono-Metal Yo-Yo

The STAAATER is a new introductory binding model.
It is not a low performance yo-yo for beginners, but a yo-yo designed for competitions.
It is designed to be highly durable, so it is recommended for outside practice and as an introductory model to 3A and 5A.
Silicone rings are also included to reduce the crash noise of the 3A. They are removable so you can adjust the weight to your preference.

*Economy DS Bearing are included as a standard feature.

Diameter: 57mm
Width: 43mm
Weight: With silicone rings 67.7g (Without Silicone rings 64.6g)
Bearing: Size C (12.7x6.35x4.76mm)
Pad Size: YYR Size