Yoyorecreation SYFO Yo-Yo - "SecondYoyoFromOregon" Mono-Metal YoYo

Color: Fog Black (Yuu Fujita Signature)
Sale price$ 157.99

SYFO stands for "Second Yoyo from Oregon" as this is the second Yoyorecreation yoyo machined in the United States!

Don't miss the simple and sober colorings that accentuates the beauty of the curved shape. Such designable tones will further enhance the individuality of the tricks you create.

High-end monometal yo-yo, SYFO has a Round shape inherited from FYFO with a feeling of a heavy weight. The diameter is relatively small, while the wide body makes the tricks at hand more creative.

Weight: 68.5g/2.42oz
Width: 44mm/1.73in
Diameter: 53mm/2.09in
Bearing: Size C (12.7x6.35x4.76mm)
Pad Size: YYR Size C

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