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Z-Stix Professional Juggling Flower Sticks-Devil Sticks and 2 Hand Sticks, High Quality, Beginner Friendly - Neon Series

$ 49.99 

You've come to the right place if you're looking for a durable, high quality Flower Stick set. For over 15 years, these sticks have been meticulously built by experts for novice to professional play. Our Devil/Flower Sticks are constructed with a fiberglass core for maximum durability and a Grade A silicone skin to give the perfect amount of ''stick''. The tassels are handmade with suede leather to provide the highest quality material with a great weight and balance. You can choose from one of our 4 size options to ensure the right fit for you.


Size Chart -

Kid Stix (18" with 15'' Handsticks): Kid Stix are not just for kids! However the small size and lighter weight make them ideal for children. Some bigger people and advanced players really like the extra small stick.

Mosquito (22" with 17'' Handsticks): The Mosquito is fun and fast -This is our most popular sized Z-Stix. Great for beginners as well as advanced players. It provides players with a fast and well balanced stick experience! If you are new to Flower Sticks and aren't sure where to start, the Mosquito is a great choice.

Banshee (26" with 17'' Handsticks): A little bigger than the Mosquito, the Banshee offers quick spins at a slightly slower and more deliberate pace. Not quite as slow as the King Spear, but for someone looking for a stick with a little more heft than the Mosquito, the Banshee might be the perfect fit.

King's Spear (30" with 17'' Handsticks): The Z-Stix King's Spear is like the Cadillac of the juggling stick world. Big and stylish, and designed for show and performance. In our quest to meet the demands of the Stick playing community, there has always been a call for bigger sticks. The King's Spear fits the bill. It makes its presence known with its size while maintaining the smooth quality you expect from Z-Stix.