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Zeekio Bad Ass Juggling Ball - Metal Studs on Eight Hand Sewn Panels

$ 80.00 

Bad Ass Juggling Balls are a juggling ball set that takes the excitement and flash of juggling to a whole new level. Not your ordinary juggling ball, it's a next-level, an eye catching, impression making experience designed for Jugglers that aren't afraid to take it to the edge. Bad Ass Juggling balls are amazing to look at, to watch and most importantly to juggle. The soft millet fill and spiky skin make this ball land soft and literally stick to your hand. The 80 studs on each ball will leave an impression like no juggling ball ever has. They may look scary, but play great. Durable eight hand sewn panels, eighty spiky studs on a soft durable fabric and millet filled. Every juggler who has ever tried these knows they have juggled something truly special with surprisingly great performance.

Weight: 155g/5.5oz
Size: 72mm/2.83n
8 Panels
About 80 metal alloy studs
Millet Filled