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Zeekio Beefy Fire Poi- Adjustable ball chain - Full Meter of 70mm Kevlar

$ 74.99 

Zeekio's beefy fire poi contain no animal products. We call it beefy because we roll a full meter of kevlar wick and fasten it was quality steel hardware. The larger size gives it a bigger flame and longer trail.

We make our beefy poi with a full meter (about 3 feet) beefy kevlar wick, 70 mm wide, 3mm thick . Poi with chain measures about 27 inches from tip to grip and each Poi.

Combined weight of Poi and chain is about 8 oz (1 lb per set). Ball chain tether is about 16" long with steel ball links on either end to easily adjust chain length. Ball chain is ideal for fire poi, as it won't kink and provides smooth movement. To adjust length, just clip the links to shorten the chain.
Rule of thumb for chain length, including hardware and hand grips should be about the length of your arm.

Finger grips are double loop made of sturdy polyester with metal rivets.

*Fire toys are not for children. Please follow safety precautions and never play with fire alone.

Made in USA