Zeekio Classic Rolla Bolla Balance Board

Size: 30 inch
Sale price$ 93

Zeekio's Classic Rolla Bolla is tough and smooth for the best Rolla Bolla performance at any price.
Zeekio's Classic Rolla Bolla wooden deck is made of .75" premium quality birch that is stained a deep cherry color. For better control the wooden deck has molded wooden end stops as well as six ultra grab sandpaper grip strips.
Zeekio’s Classic Rolla Bolla comes with Zeekio's unique tire tread Rolla for more stability and control.
Zeekio’s Classic Rolla Bolla comes in two sizes ( 30” deck length and 26” deck length). The length of the deck is mainly a personal preference but if you are having trouble deciding longer boards are usually better for bigger people and smaller boards are better for kids and those wanting a little more control.
Handcrafted in the USA.

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