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Zeekio Contact Juggling Ball - Two Tone - 100 mm - Acrylic

$ 29.99 
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Zeekio Two Tone Acrylic Contact Balls are made from 100% acrylic plastic. These Contact Balls are machined and polished to be perfectly round. These Contact Balls are also free of internal inclusions, bubbles, distortions or scratches as well as surface blemishes.
Zeekio Contact Balls are tough, chip resistant and almost completely shatterproof.
Diameter: 100mm (approx. 4 inches)
Weight: 793 g
Also available in 80mm.
Note: Clear acrylic balls can magnify sunlight so be sure not to leave them out in direct sunlight or even sunlight coming through a window. Colored acrylic balls will not do this as much depending on how dark the color is.
Made in China