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Zeekio Multi-Color LED Light Up Juggling Clubs with Charger and Remote (Set of 3)

$ 174.99 
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Zeekio Light-up LED Juggling Club has brilliantly illuminated LEDs inside the semi-opaque body, providing a built-in light show for any juggling performance.

Multiple colors and multiple modes including solid , strobe and rotating colors. You will be thrilled with the performance of this LED Club..

Power button and charging port at the bottom of the club. Comes with charger.

Wireless Remote Control allows you to not only change the color, but also leaves the Mode, Speed and Brightness in your hands.

Quality clubs, bright and vibrant colors, and excellent technology make Zeekio LED Juggling Club among the best of the best.

Set of 3 Clubs

Actual size of single club is 20.5" Long, 3.26" at widest point,
Weight: 7.7oz