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Zeekio Premium Yo-Yo Bag - Soft Yo-Yo Case with Adjustable Shoulder Strap

$ 28.99 

Often copied but never duplicated.

The Zeekio Premium Yo-Yo Bag brings a new level of quality and durability to your yo-yo experience. Double stitched with matched color piping, water resistant polyester outside; protective foam inside to keep your yo-yos safe. It comes with a Zeekio detachable and adjustable shoulder strap and has two pockets to hold your spare bearings, axles and of course, yo-yo string; as well as a big exterior pocket to hold all kinds of stuff.

Measuring approximately 13" x 9" the Zeekio Yo-Yo Bag will comfortably hold 12 yo-yos.

Truly a better bag, because your yo-yos deserve the best.

By Zeekio, The Skill Toy People