Zeekio Prism II, Rainbow Anodized Aluminum Yo-Yo - High Performance

Sale price$ 39.99

This is the follow up to Zeekio's best selling yo-yo ever, the Prism. The Prism two keeps the great features of the original, like the revolutionary rainbow anodizing, the engraved sight line, and overall terrific performance. The Prism II. however, features a sharper "V" effect and slightly larger size favored by current champions and enthusiasts alike.

It's been almost ten years since the original Prism was introduced, this Prism II has everything we loved about the original prism with a modern update. Steel bearing system featuring superior quality brushed steel bearing balls.

Performance and beauty are what Zeekio is about, add in the incredible value Zeekio is known for, and you cannot find a better yo-yo. Ask anyone who owns a Zeekio and you will know why it one of the fastest growing yo-yo brands in the world.

Weight: 70 grams
Diameter: 56 mm
Width: 43 mm
String gap: 4.5 mm
Bearing: 8 ball sealed - Standard C
Response: Silicone pads

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