Zeekio Twisted Berries Aluminum Begleri - Fits up to 550 Cord- Zippered Case and Extra Cord Included!

Color: Black
Sale price$ 14.99
Zeekio Twisted Berries Aluminum Begleri -

This begleri plays amazing! It has a beautiful anodized finish on each 10 gram ''berry''. A variety of colors with a rich smooth finish.

The holes are recessed to the perfect size to allow a 220 para-cord through a 550 para-cord. Whether up like a thin string or full sized para-cord the Twisted Berry can handle just about any size.

The best part about the Twisted berry is how it feels to play. The weight and balance are perfect. You will love your Twisted Berry, but don't eat them.

Comes in a triangle zippered Zeekio case. Also comes with an extra strings. So you get thick and thin to try out.

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