Zeekio Complete Junior Juggling Gift Set - Clubs, Balls, Scarves , diabolo

Sale price$ 39.99

The Zeekio complete Junior Juggling Gift Set is for anyone who is interested in juggling! Each set includes: A set of three Zeekio Pixie juggling clubs (small size for kids), a set of three Zeekio Beginner juggling balls, a set of Zeekio juggling scarves,a Neoflight 2 beginner diabolo, plus Zeekio Juggling Bag that fits all of this inside.

Everything a budding young juggler could want.  Hours and hours of entertainment.  Three ball juggling, club juggling, scarf juggling and even diabolo.  The complete juggling set is just that.

Recommended for kids 11 and under

*Colors may vary.

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