Zeekio Vali 2 Yo-Yo - Undersized Solid Steel YoYo

Sale price$ 59.99

The Zeekio Vali 2 Yo-Yo is very similar to its predecessor (The Vali) but has a redesigned chiseled look. It also has a slightly more favorable weight distribution for increased spin times.

What we set out to do with the Vali 2 is to improve on one of the best steel undersized yo-yos on the market, and still keep it reasonably priced. We are thrilled with the results. A great undersized yo-yo that not only plays like a bigger yo-yo, but plays like a great bigger throw. Once you try it, you'll know what we mean. Throwing a little yo-yo that does all that a big yo-yo can do is fun and impressive. You gotta play it to appreciate it.

Axle: 8mm
Bearing: Flat D
Response: 18mm Silicone Response Pad

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