Zeekio Yo-Yo Black Travel Bag -Fits 8 yo-yo's and lots of Accessories-Yo-Yo Case

Sale price$ 18.99

Zeekio Cordura Yo-Yo Bag in Black

Zeekio Yo-Yo Cordura Bag - Fits 8 yo-yo's and lots of accessories. This bag is the perfect size for contests, or traveling, when you don't want to get weighed down with a big yo-yo case. It's made of ultra tough Cordura polyester on the outside, and thick protective foam on the inside. It also has a side zipper pocket on one side, and a quick access net pocket on the other. It even has two tiny bearing holders built into the foam. No more digging through your bag looking for that spare bearing. Come with heavy duty zipper and adjustable shoulder strap..

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