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Zero Gravity Rhino Yo-Yo - H-Shape D-Bearing Titanium YoYo

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Zero gravity chose an H shape for their first titanium yoyo, but worked very diligently to have a stylized r-H-ino shape. The H shape is known to be powerful and to bring incredible stability into a yoyo. That was a key element to use with titanium because with Ti, walls can be thinner than walls using other alloys and weight can be easily pushed to the rims.

The weight distribution of this throw is phenomenal which is a sign of using Titanium properly. When it comes to playability, the Rhino gives enough spin time and stability to perform

This Titanium Yoyo uses a D bearing. This feature is very cool as it gives you a little bit of extra time to finish your routine or trick even though the yoyo is at its final spinning time. One of the advantages of a D bearings is the capability to bind the yoyo at lower RPM.

Weight: 64 g/2.26oz
Width:43.4 mm/1.71in
Diameter: 54.5 mm/2.15in
Gap: 4.53 mm/0.18in
Bearing: D concave
Material: Titanium
Finish: Raw