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Zero Gravity The Don Yo-Yo - Full Sized Organic Bi-Metal YoYo with Wooden Display Stand

$ 87.99 
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The Don is the capo of his organization having full control, emanating power and demanding respect wherever he goes. When he gives orders, he gives them in private to his most trusted people as the Don typically insulates himself to stay out of trouble.

This organic throw has practically the same characteristics: The Don gets its power and control from its dense stainless steel rims that weigh half of its total weight and the V shape feature blends into its shape for weight distribution. The entire body of The Don is as thin as possible which reflects a well usage of the 7068 aluminum its made of.

Its size D bearing allows an outstanding rotational speed that enhances its performance and stability. The response pad system has been designed in accordance to the size of the bearing providing awesome bindings and control.

The essence of a perfect O shape was kept but added straight lines to bring more comfort, to increase the catch zone and to adopt some weight distribution advantages of a V shape throw.

In summary, The Don was designed to be a full-sized, powerful and stable throw while maintaining an organic shape feel and long spinning time.

Zero Gravity worked hard to make this an offer you can't refuse!

Weight: 63.6g/2.24oz
Width: 44.1 mm/1.74in
Diameter: 54.7/2.15in
Gap: 4.5 mm/0.177in
Body Material: 7068 Aluminum
Ring Material: Stainless Steel