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Zero Gravity El MiJo 6061 Yo-Yo - Lighter Slim Line YoYo

$ 74.99 
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El MiJo (pronounced 'me'-'ho') 6061 is the lighter version of El MiJo

The name El MiJo comes from the story of the bond of two brothers and their joy of throwing. El MiJo 6061 is El MiJo's brother. This version of El Mijo is slightly lighter (3 gr less) but has all the dimensions and design intact.

El MiJo 6061 is smooth as silk and extremely fun to play with. Its shape is extremely comfortable in the hand due to its size and rounded edges. It also feels super nice to hold which makes it hard to put down!

This yoyo can hold different D bearing sizes to play either unresponsive or responsive, and at the same time, el Mijo 6061 can be played as a 'fixie' by using our uniquely engineered accessory.

El MiJo 6061 comes with 4 different type of bearings, 2 axles (8mm, 10mm) and a single bearing removal tool.